Telehealth Services Help in Preventing Avoidable Readmissions

When it comes to hospital readmission, it not only increases stress but also adds cost too. This raises the need of taking steps to prevent readmissions. According to the study, if patients are well-informed about after-hospital care, they are less likely to be readmitted. This can be achieved by educating patients how to take their medicines properly. They should be well-informed regarding their follow-up appointments. Telehealth services are one of the effective ways in reducing avoidable readmissions. It enables patients to manage their medical condition at their home which also reduce the rate of readmission.

The KOOLMD Online patient portal allows patients easy access to get medical advice through an online venue using their proprietary medical consultation system. Due to advanced telemedicine solutions, specialists from KOOLMD can give you medical advice through a simple web-cam, or voice or phone calls. In this system, patients get an online appointment as per their conveniently selected date and time. Under its effective telehealth program, patients can get continuous surveillance if there is a need so they can manage their medical condition without leaving their homes.

Once patients get consulted, they are made aware about their medications, required dietary supplements, and are more likely to initiate a physical exercise program. They also get alerts of their pending appointments so that they won’t miss any pending check-ups. Moreover, patients can also converse with physicians via a private phone call. Via the online health portal they can input a description of their health complaints or symptoms so that the physician can view and address.

With the help of certain devices, patients can perform self-tests and send the report of data to the doctors. So they can monitor your medical condition and give you the best advice.

Apart from this, it is advisable to apply the following strategies which can reduce avoidable readmissions. According to the physicians & allied healthcare professionals from KOOLMD, besides providing a timely discharge instructions to patients, applying the following strategies reduces an avoidable readmissions.

Setting a follow-up schedule for patients before discharge: 

Before discharging patients, set the follow-up check-up for them. It ensures that patients follow the set schedule and understands the importance of appointment. It is also important to make a follow-up call to inform patients about their next appointment.

Make use of technology:

Telemedicine solutions or telehealth services is the best option for those who are at high risk for readmission or who need intense monitoring. It includes such patients who have congestive heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes

Paying attention to the patients:

Some people tend to forget medications–this is also the main reason behind the growing number of patients getting readmitted. So, by taking follow-up you can monitor them.


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