How Telehealth Services are Changing the Future of Healthcare?

The practice of telemedicine is growing all over the world as a large number of people are benefiting from this service. Technological advances in healthcare, telecommunications, computing, medical informatics, ubiquitous internet, live 4K video streaming, use of browser and application type Video Codecs have come together to eliminate one of the largest hurdles to delivering medical care–the inconvenience of visiting a major medical center.  With the help of telehealth services, people from any part of the world can consult with doctors and obtain medical advice regarding their medical condition.


If someone suffers from a chronic medical condition and just wants a second opinion from the specialists who live in another country, he/she can get doctors’ advice through online a medical consultation service. This means, that there is no need to spend a huge sum of money on travelling abroad to visit a doctor. Just by making a call or through live video telepresence conferencing or chat, you can obtain current, timely, precise and helpful medical advice, which will in turn help you to arrive at a reliable decision regarding a health matter. This process not only saves your money but time too.

According to the caring allied healthcare professionals and medical doctors of KOOLMD, their online healthcare portal, serves as a bridge for hosting valuable and timely online medical consultations. Their easy to navigate website and electronic medical records system has a user interface that is both current and appealing for any user be it a new patient or a seasoned medical professional. Their portal has proved to be beneficial to people from all walks of life that need immediate help. Whether you live in remote areas or metropolitan cities, you can access medical advice without any physical visit to the doctors.

It is estimated that 15 million people in the USA received remote medical care last year and the number will increase significantly over the next few years as many organizations are finding new ways to expand their Telemedicine programs.

Convenience is the key feature of this system.  If someone cannot go for a routine check-up due to a busy schedule or transportation issues, he/she can take medical or health advice through an online consultation.  It is most useful and valuable to people who are unable to travel due to physical disabilities. Through videoconferencing, they can talk with doctors and send their health reports over internet.

Telemedicine holds promise in providing quality and affordable medical care to people as per the doctors’ and patients’ convenience. The goal of telehealth is to bring medical care to homes, where it can serve as a vehicle to meet a person’s primary and urgent care medical needs.


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