Why Online Medical Consulting is So Effective

Online medical consulting services are changing people’s perspective towards health or medical consultations. A large number of people are benefiting from this service. Online consultation is the best option for those who need a second opinion regarding their condition. Though there are many reasons due to which people are using it, but what are the main reasons that people like to use the KOOLMD online telemedicine services? Here are 4 factors which make this service so user-friendly.

Second opinions:

The biggest reason many patients use telemedicine is to seek a second medical opinion via an online medical consultation service. About one fifth of the participants in a survey cited this as the main reason to go for an online consultation. Many of them believed that a second option clears any doubt regarding their medical condition.


There is hardly any other convenient way to know about your health condition other than online doctor consultation. For instance, if a person cannot drive or visit the doctor personally for a routine check-up, he/she can directly take a health advice through an online consultation. The use of a telemedicine venue such as the internet is both convenient and enjoyable for the patient and a relief from the constraints of a medical clinic. It brings an immediate advantage to the elderly population, those hampered via physical disabilities and patients who have an inability to travel far due to transportation issues.

Primary evaluation of a medical or surgical problem:

Some people want to know if they require a medical doctor visit or physician evaluation by a direct visit to a doctor at all. By making a call or through live videoconferencing chat, they can take further decisions; some patients may ask if they should go to an Emergency room, or do they need a physical visit for an urgent care issue, or is there a serious potential harm from a medical condition that they are experiencing. Obviously certain medical conditions may require the immediate attention of a medical doctor to address and stabilize.

Embarrassing concern and worries:

Some people feel embarrassed to tell their problems to a health care practitioner, but they feel more relaxed to tell their problems on the phone or in a videoconferencing chat. They don’t feel awkward when they tell about their health condition to an online doctor. This is both natural and helps the patient ease into the health discussion without the pressure of a face-to-face consult.

We keep looking for a convenient way out in any inconvenient situation, the same holds true with respect to the medical and health sector. Online health consultation is easy, affordable and accessible by everyone. The percentage of people who are using it is increasing day by day. If you examine technology and how it has played a role in a variety of industries you can see that impact in healthcare as well.

Virtualization in a broad range of fields:

We see that in the fields of banking, merchandise vendors, the film industry, online universities, and the entertainment industry all have shifted away from the brick and mortar approaches of the past and become more virtual and online based. This does not mean that a virtual service will fully replace the brick and mortar stores of the past; but that there is a natural shift away from the standalone stores; people have options to address a variety of their personal needs via an online virtual portal or application. Telemedicine acknowledges this natural progression of technology and the autonomy of the person to address his/her medical needs here and now. KOOLMD is the answer to addressing your medical healthcare needs from anywhere and at any time. This is our goal and our commitment to excellence in healthcare.


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